Being In Love With A Cancer Man – How To Make An Extra-Emotional Man Love You Forever

Are you dating a man born between June 22 and July 21? Congratulations — you’ve found yourself a Cancer man! Cancerians, according to astrology, are among the most loving and emotional lovers you could ever find in the dating game. You’ll need a different approach if you want to get on his good side!

Cancer men are often much more emotional than others, so they can be quite sensitive. Here are some things to keep in mind as you go along with dating him:

  • He takes commitment very seriously. So if he truly loves you, it doesn’t take much to keep him.
  • He is deep and moody, which can cause problems if you also have a tendency to be emotional.
  • Don’t hurt him unnecessarily. Cancer men respond well to constructive criticism and „tough love,“ but unnecessary pain can make him retreat into his shell.
  • He doesn’t forget easily. That means a little goes a long way with him — whether you’re a „little good“ or a „little bad“ with him.
  • He is romantic, which means a committed relationship with him will be a happy one.
  • He has an ego. My advice: Praise and compliment a Cancer man at least four times more than you criticize him. It’s not only good for him, but it’s also good for your relationship!
  • Cancer men are among the most loyal you can find in the dating game, so make sure you don’t betray that trust. One slip may be all it takes to lose him forever.
  • He makes a great father. Children bring out the kid in him, so prepare for a lighter parenting style than usual if you decide to raise a family with him.
  • Sense of humor. His sense of humor can sometimes be dark at times. If you can, don’t criticize his sense of humor — simply ignoring it can be enough to make it go away.

But of course, don’t forget the more „general“ dating advice, either. You can check the zodiac charts to see just how compatible you are with a Cancer man, but ultimately the end goal is the same with ANY sign — and that’s to have a wonderful, happy, long-lasting relationship.

Much of being happy in a relationship is all about knowing how relationships work, knowing how his mind works, and knowing how to act, think, and feel when times get challenging. And that’s something I can help you with…

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Source by Evangeline K Harris

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