Signs That Say He’s Just Not Into You – How to Spot Mr Wrong So You Can Make Room for Mr Right

Every woman has had her eye on or dated the type of guy I’m talking about here. You are never really sure where you stand with him or what his interest level really is. Call him Mr. Flake, Mr. Player, Mr. Self Absorbed or Mr. Afraid of Commitment. Whatever his romantic style, it’s just leaving you confused, frustrated and wondering what’s really going on in his mind. So, let’s spotlight the warning signs to look out for when a guy simply is not that into you or playing you.

The Physical Signs

He’ll avoid eye contact, his body is positioned away from you, his arms are folded tightly over his chest, he does not encourage conversation or volunteers anything about himself. He maintains his distance.

The Emotional Signs

You’ve been dating for at least 6 months. He still can’t say he loves you or wants to talk about his feelings in regards to you. If you have a guy who is constantly telling you that he does not love you, is not in love with you, is not sure how he feels and does not see a future with you after the 6 month mark, believe him. I feel that is a good marker of time for him to know where he sees this going and if he is developing strong feelings for you or loves you. When a guy is into you, he’ll want to let you know how he feels when he is sure that you feel the same way. If he can’t do that, start re-assessing what you are still doing with him.

He Ignores or Shows You Disrespect

If he is ignoring you or disrespects you by putting down your values, thoughts and ideas, he’s just not interested in you or in a relationship with you. Don’t waste your time on a guy who does that and focus your attention on a guy who focuses on you.

He Shoots Down Your Social Invitations

This should be a clear sign to about 99% of women out there that he’s not interested in getting to know you better or pursuing anything further. Trust me ladies, the first time he declines your offer to hang out you could give him the benefit of the doubt. But when it’s many times in a row, he’s usually not that busy, he just doesn’t want to see you and is trying to be nice about it. If a guy is interested, he’ll be happy to schedule a rain check or follow up with an invitation of his own. He’s never too busy to make time for someone he really wants to have in his life.

Mr. Player aka The Honeymooner

I call this guy the honeymooner because of how long things remain fabulous while dating this guy. The first few weeks or month is sheer bliss. This guy starts off real aggressive, hot and heavy. He can’t see you often enough, calls all the time and declares his love for you early on. He’s so romantic, thoughtful and attentive that you think you’ve hit the love jackpot and won. He woos you with promises of a happy future together, taking you to great hotspots, cooking you dinner, and being that great listener who wants to share your hopes and dreams. You think he seems too good to be true. Well, he is. This guy is a classic neophiliac. He loves the thrill of the chase, and is enamored with the novelty of you. Once that has worn off and he has gotten what he wants, he sets his sights on the next pretty girl. How to protect yourself from this guy? Don’t fall for the lines and behavior right away. Take your time before investing your heart and proceed slowly. Make sure that he means what he says. And the best way to do that is to let time be your guide. Usually these guys don’t want to put in the work to develop anything long term so you’ll know in a short period of time if his words mean anything.

Mr. Flake

This one is characterized by constantly flaking out on you at the last minute. If a guy stands you up, blows you off or shows up late, he does not have respect for your time and plans. Bottom line, he does not respect you and does not care whether or not you are in his life.

Mr. Afraid of Commitment

You go on a great couple of dates, things are going wonderfully, you feel the chemistry, you click on so many different levels and then you never hear from him again. He’s never able to discuss his feelings or freaks out and distances himself when you express how your feelings for him have grown. He’s truly afraid of intimacy and what follows with it. So, you try not to pressure him and accept the flow of things because you think maybe if you give him time he’ll come around and choose you. You may be involved with a guy who falls in this category for months or even years and whenever the subject of a future pops up, he asks you what’s the rush, says he’s not ready, he needs more time, etc. Whatever his excuse for not committing, it’s tying you to a relationship that has hit a brick wall. It either moves forward or it does not. It’s his right to stay in limbo but it’s also your right not to have to wait around for him to commit. You can move on or at least date others in the interim until he does figure out what he wants. He may never figure it out or choose you but at least you aren’t wasting good dating years on an emotionally stunted and unavailable guy. Some men just can’t commit, are players, have fears of commitment due to bad past relationships, want to remain bachelors, or like you but not enough to choose you for a committed, long lasting relationship. If only we could tap into the mind of his therapist for his reasons for pushing away many good women who have loved him. But, the real deal is, when a guy is head over heels for a woman and loves her fully, he does not want to lose her and would rather step to the plate and commit than risk her walking out of his life. If he’s willing to watch you walk away, you know it’s time to kick him to the curb and keep on stepping.

Mr. Taken

Whether this guy is involved in another relationship with a girlfriend or wife, he should be off limits. Yet so many women are lured by the seduction of his words and think he’ll eventually dump the other woman and choose them. They are told the other woman is a witch, mean, does not understand them, is psycho and won’t leave him alone. Or, he says to you that their relationship has a lot of problems, they fight constantly, he is no longer sleeping with the girlfriend or wife, he’s staying only for financial reasons or the children. The best lie of all: he’s planning on divorcing or leaving his wife or girlfriend very soon, just be patient. Now, months or years are passing by and his promises are not worth the paper they were written on. Women are natural nurturers and they want to take care of other people. Many feel that they can prove that with affection, attention and caring that they are different than the other person in his life and that is what he really needs. They believe his lies. A relationship based on a deception is not one that can have a real future because if he can cheat or lie to someone else to be with you, he can also do the same thing to you in the future.

If you fool yourself into believing you are special and the exception, then you are living in a fantasy world. And the only happy ending that can come from living in an alternate reality is creating a relationship with a guy who never existed in the first place. If he truly cared about you, he’d end his other relationship before beginning one with you. Best way to avoid this scenario? Tell him to contact you once he’s ended his other relationship and not a day before. And, stick to that. Don’t be afraid to tell him that if he continues to contact you that you will tell his girlfriend or wife about the two of you. That fear is enough to make most taken guys run for the hills. If you find out later in the relationship that he is not single like he claimed, end it immediately and don’t look back. It’s called dating with integrity. If you can’t end it on your own or he keeps trying to draw you back in with false promises, seek the help of a therapist to regain your strength and courage to end a toxic relationship that will only erode your self-esteem, confidence and self love. When you allow yourself to enter a relationship based on a deception where you are not his main priority, you are setting yourself up for being used. He’s not into you, he’s just into how he can use you to give him what he is not getting at home from the girlfriend or wife.

You Never See Him More Than a Few Days in Advance

This means he is trying to keep his schedule open in case something better comes along. The classic MO of a player. A guy who’s really into you will want to keep you off the market a week to 2 weeks in advance because he can tell you’re a great catch and does not want anyone else to occupy your time. If he’s never available on the weekends or occasions that are reserved as date nights, know you’re just a passing phase or flavor of the moment.

He Only Comes to See You Late at Night

Ah, the definition of a booty call: the guy who is too busy to see you during daylight hours but has time to swing by for a quick hook up. Unless he’s a workaholic that only gets out of work at midnight, don’t fall for it. Even then, he can still afford to take you out during his day off or on the weekend. If you are not seeing a guy who works crazy hours and it’s just the time he sets aside to see you, then be forewarned that you have a booty call pattern on your hands. It’s a way for him to get his sexual needs met and not commit to a real boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. You deserve to be taken out properly to restaurants, movies, and shows. You didn’t sign up to be kept in the closet. So, make sure you let him know that by not accepting meetings that only occur behind closed doors in the A.M.

Friends with Benefits

A step up from the booty call based relationship but still not what most women want when they get involved with a guy they see a future with. A friends with benefits relationship is when

you both agree to be sex buddies with no strings attached and can both see or date other people. If you are looking for a serious relationship, don’t accept or settle for this type of arrangement. He’s just keeping his options open and eyes peeled for the right woman, while using you for a fun romp in the sack. He’s letting you know clearly that you are not the „one“ but instead are Ms. Right now until someone better comes along. Also, it’s very rare that a friends with benefits arrangement does not lead to one person walking away hurt because one person always develops stronger feelings and wants to change the relationship dynamics. Why settle for a regular hook up when you can hold out for a guy who is sure about you and wants you around exclusively?

You Never Meet His Friends or Family

Some guys will wait at least 6 months or more of dating to make sure that you are someone special before letting his entourage meet you. If a guy is serious about you, he’ll want everyone to know about you and will have no problem introducing you to his friends, coworkers and family. If you watch the calendar months go by and this still has not happened, you are being kept a secret and you have to wonder why. Is he really single or is he still unsure about your future together? You owe it to yourself to find out what’s going on.

He Does Not Call You Back the Same Day or Answers His Phone When You Call

When a guy is really into you, he does not screen his calls for your number. He’ll pick up on the first ring or call you back within hours. When you see a pattern of days going by without a return phone call, you are not high on his priority list. Basically, you are being avoided. Another sign of a player or guy who is not invested in your relationship is one who never answers the phone in your presence. If you see his phone constantly on vibrate or you visit his place and his answering machine is set to low volume or mute, he’s definitely still playing the field and chatting up new women.

Internet Communication Siberia

Before, he used to spend hours chatting with you online and writing you great emails. Now you realize that not only are you blocked from his buddy list but he also does not respond to your emails. Enough said.

He’s Hitting On or Hooking Up with Other Women

If you’ve been seeing a guy for a little while and you are hearing rumors or catching him hooking up with other women or still maintaining inappropriate contact with exes, then you know he’s not ready to settle down and choose you. If he’s also hitting on your friends or asking you if your friend is available to go out with him, it’s a surefire way to know without a shadow of a doubt that he’s not interested in being with you.

He Disappears for Days, Weeks or Months at a Time

This sign is usually self-explanatory but I cannot begin to tell you how many readers of my advice column find themselves in this predicament and think that he still is invested in their relationship and cares about them. Any guy that does not make time for you and pulls a disappearing act on you is not that into you, is seeing other people or is not ready to commit to one person. So, if you find yourself dealing with a guy who comes and goes from your life without a word, give him the boot once and for all and don’t look back. Your time and energy is better spent on a guy who wants to stick around and be a part of your life.

You Are Never Invited Over to His Place

Either he is living with someone or is not invested in a relationship with you. Any guy who is interested in a woman will bring her over to his place so she can see his private sanctuary away from the daily grind.

He Never Discusses Your Future or Makes Vacation Plans

Every guy has a life before meeting you. They schedule trips with their buddies, have guys nights out and are living the bachelor life. When a relationship is getting serious and has a future or is getting serious, he’ll start talking about the things he wants to do with you, places to go together and makes plans to manifest those dreams. His buddies take up less of his time and he’ll put you on center stage. If he does not even bring up future plans or where he sees your relationship headed, realize that this may just be a seasonal romance.

He Encourages You to Date Other People

If he encourages you to date others and not wait around for him, it’s because he does not see a future with you and wants to be free to date others as well.

He Does Not Share in the Dating Expenses

If you are the one footing the bill for all of your events and outings, the guy is only into you for what he can get out of you.

He Does Not Remember or Celebrate the Events or Dates that Matter to You

Some guys really do have a bad memory but if it’s important to you, he will make a real effort to remember the big moments. They’ll do whatever it takes: post it notes, birthday alarms, etc to make sure not to forget. When he does not take the time to acknowledge and celebrate your birthday, anniversary or a major event in your relationship with a gift, a call, flowers or even candy, it shows that he is just not into you. No one says he has to shell out a lot of clams to make the day special but the planning and effort to do what is within his budget and time is what counts. It’s all about creativity!

Silent Treatment

The king of all signs is the silent treatment. It begins by pulling away slowly, by emotionally or physically withdrawing from the relationship. When a guy is just not interested in a future, he stops calling (if he ever called at all), changes his phone number, the visits become less and less frequent, and emotionally he has already packed his bags and booked the flight to singlesville.

If you are recognizing many of these symptoms in your guy, it’s time to move on. Actions speak louder than words. If he’s just not putting in the effort he used to to make your relationship work, it’s time to sit up and take notice. When a guy is telling you with his words that he’s not interested or ready for what you need and showing you in his actions that you are not his top priority, don’t ignore the message. Hold your head up high and keep moving forward with your life, without him. Time is so precious and time waits for no one. Once it’s lost, we cannot get it back. So make sure you are giving your time to men who are worth the investment. At the end of the day, it’s about finding a love match that treats you right and wants to spend quality time with you. When you settle for less than that and waste your time on Mr. Wrong, you are selling yourself short on what you deserve.

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Source by Zuri Eberhart

101 Stress Management Tips – Part 5

81. Build your inner strength. If you can gently push your boundaries when the opportunity arises, slowly you will become mentally and emotionally stronger and therefore better equipped with dealing with stress.

82. Discover your life purpose. Your stress could be a sign that your current way of life is not aligned with your purpose. Develop a strong connection with your soul so that you can learn and understand what your purpose in life is, why you are here.

83. Reflect on your day. Review the interactions you had with people during the day. If you were not happy with the way you behaved or responded to someone, relive the moment in your mind and imagine responding or behaving in a more appropriate way.

84. Sing. Singing can be a beautiful and liberating form of stress relief. Express yourself loudly or quietly, in public or just in the shower. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a musical bone in your body. You don’t need to be on key, just enjoy yourself.

85. Play games. Regardless of how busy you are, playing card games like Go Fish, or board games such as trivial Pursuit, can actually relieve stress. Games that involve large groups like are Uno, Twister or „Pictionary“ are particularly good as it encourages interaction with others.

86. Express yourself artistically. Any form of artistic self expression such as painting, drawing or modelling can be a great form of stress relief helping you process emotions built up over time and heal painful memories.

87. Maintain a spiritual practice. A personal spiritual practice that nurtures your soul, such as meditation, prayer or regular visits to your place of worship, is a great approach towards enhancing your emotional health and managing stress.

88. Develop a tough skin. Learn to accept criticism and try to not take it personally. Particularly in a competitive or work environment, do not look at criticism as negative but rather as constructive feedback that can possibly help you to improve yourself or your ability to perform.

89. Speak in a positive low stress language. Remove negative and/or vulgar language from your vocabulary. There are many opportunities and topics to speak positively about during the day such as the weather, the news or even thoughts about life.

90. Live in the present. Don’t dwell on the past. Rather learn from the mistakes you have made and the pain that you have experienced in the past and move on.

91. Make decisions quickly. Accept the risk, stress and conflict that come with making decisions. It is OK to change your mind but don’t make a habit out of reversing decisions. Try to make decisions that produce change. Any decision is better than none.

92. Distract yourself. When unpleasant thoughts enter your mind, thoughts that can cause stress, think of somebody or something else that cheers you up or relaxes you.

93. Don’t over analyse events. Stress can come about if you continue to examine and relive a situation or event. By doing this you run the risk of losing yourself in the detail and perspective of what actually happened.

94. Take a hot bath. Heat increases circulation of blood to the tissues, including the muscles, which can help you relax.

95. Remove or modify irrational beliefs. Your beliefs greatly influence your perception on life. Beliefs such as „I am no good“ or „No one cares about me“ can significantly contribute to your stress.

96. Look for the opportunity in crisis. Consider the benefits and rewards that you will reap when addressing a problem or challenge. This positive approach will change your perception of the situation and reduce your stress.

97. Make changes slowly. Self imposed changes can bring about stress. Do not underestimate the significance of change. Therefore if you make changes, have patience, pace yourself and change the easy things first.

98. Have quiet time on your own. You can take some time out at home or at work, anywhere where you can get away from others and have time to yourself. Use any relaxation technique you like or just thinking about the matter stress you.

99. Develop your negotiation skills. This will not only help you to resolve stressful situations and conflicts, but also help you become more confident and assertive. Such skills will assist in creating better personal and professional relationships.

100. Join a social group. Regular involvement and interaction within a social group can be a helpful way of coping with stress. It gives you the opportunity to talk about your problems and assist in putting things into perspective.

101. Is it worth it? Have you been drawn into something that simply is not worth the stress? Ask why you are doing this. If it is not worth the stress, then move on.

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Source by David Tomaselli

Explaining the Army’s Battle Buddy System

The Army has this little thing these days called a battle buddy system. It works by having every soldier accompanied by another one soldier of the same sex or another two soldiers of the opposite sex wherever they are. This rule is there for the protection of individual soldiers and cadre in AIT and BCT.

The battle buddy system is a procedure in which two people (the buddies) operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other. In dangerous activities the main purpose of the system is improved safety. Each soldier may prevent the other from becoming a casualty.

In AIT this system becomes more important due to the additional freedom and privileges after basic training. It also becomes a risk and puts soldiers at a disadvantage. While necessary in a high risk location or in combat, it is almost a hazard in AIT. Instead of looking out for each other like you would in combat, it is so unstable and unnecessary in AIT, that it becomes a tool to get gossip or an easier way to take advantage of a weaker person.

Because the system is used everywhere, a soldier must be accompanied by a battle buddy even to talk about personal issues with a chaplain. Even choosing someone that you trust puts you at risk in this sort of situation when sharing personal information. Because there are so many less females in the Army as oppose to males, many female soldiers end up with two male battle buddies instead of a single female simply because there are not enough around. If the two male soldiers are friends, how much easier would it be to take advantage of that female? This is an example of a very bad scenario, none the less, a possible and realistic one.

A more frequent situation is when a male or female has a personal issue to resolve with a person of the opposite sex and they must each bring a battle buddy. Fellow soldiers in AIT, no matter how much of a friend they might seem, just cannot always be trusted with your personal information. This is an example of how easy it is for gossip to spread around the company and depending on what information was shared, it may be harmful to someone who is involved. Another flaw in the system is that it sometimes serves as a crutch for the incompetent or psychologically insecure. The weaker soldier draining the stronger one in whatever way.

The policy on the battle buddy system says that it „helps to reduce stress, teaches teamwork, develops a sense of responsibility for fellow soldiers, and improves safety… It protects soldiers and cadre from sexual harassment and other discrimination.“ However, in the same paragraph it is mentioned that „Battle buddy team integrity is desired but not required… They should pull CQ and Fireguard together. The only expectations are for sick call, individual appointments and religious activity attendance. At these times, other solders may team up together regardless of the platoon. AT NO TIME WILL AIT SOLDIERS TRAVEL ANYWHERE ON THE INSTALLATION WITHOUT A BATTLE BUDDY.“

First of all, it does not help to reduce stress most of the time but instead it adds stress to any situation because another person is involved. Instead of keeping personal affairs quiet, you now have to worry about another person aware of the situation. Not to mention the stress of finding a battle buddy (or two) to begin with.

Secondly, while the system can improve teamwork, it can also instigate hostile feelings, fights, and arguments. Supposing that your battle buddy (or two) and you don’t get along, it can make any situation uncomfortable, making the mission harder to accomplish, again, also adding stress.

Thirdly, „developing a sense of responsibility for fellow soldiers…“ is quite stressful in itself, especially when your battle is irresponsible or immature.

Finally, let me quote again „improves safety“ because it most certainly does not. I can remember a time when I was in the second grade and my elementary school implemented a buddy system. I was seven years old and I had to sit by my buddy at lunch, play with her at recess, and do assignments with her in class. Even though she wasn’t any older than me, she always screwed me over because she was dumb and I had to do most of the work for any project we had to do together. On top of that I would get points knocked off my grade for her lack of intelligence.

That was in second grade, I was seven. Ten years later, I never thought that I’d still have the same problem or have to take a „buddy“ with me to the bathroom. I never thought that I’d be afraid to go to church because I would have to walk there with two males I don’t even know, both much bigger than me, and both equipped with huge sex drives since they just came from BCT.

Basically my point is that the battle buddy system is so abused in AIT, that I believe it is more harmful than effective.

There has been, however, plenty of times where I have requested a specific person to aid me in talking to a sergeant or going to the hospital for moral support. In these cases, I was very glad for the help and I appreciated the moral support. The thing of it all is that I can specifically ask to bring a witness or friend with me anyway so it wasn’t because of the system. I’ve had more bad experiences with this system than good.

My solution to this problem would be having the battle buddy system to be allowed butt not required. I would also suggest the use of permanent buddies, because this way you have time to at least build a relationship with the person who will spend so much time with you.

The flaw with this idea also being that every appointment you have you force the same person to miss class or and take the time from whatever they may need to be doing.

The battle buddy system may work in other environments, but it just isn’t necessary in AIT.

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Source by Alice Darko

Being In Love With A Cancer Man – How To Make An Extra-Emotional Man Love You Forever

Are you dating a man born between June 22 and July 21? Congratulations — you’ve found yourself a Cancer man! Cancerians, according to astrology, are among the most loving and emotional lovers you could ever find in the dating game. You’ll need a different approach if you want to get on his good side!

Cancer men are often much more emotional than others, so they can be quite sensitive. Here are some things to keep in mind as you go along with dating him:

  • He takes commitment very seriously. So if he truly loves you, it doesn’t take much to keep him.
  • He is deep and moody, which can cause problems if you also have a tendency to be emotional.
  • Don’t hurt him unnecessarily. Cancer men respond well to constructive criticism and „tough love,“ but unnecessary pain can make him retreat into his shell.
  • He doesn’t forget easily. That means a little goes a long way with him — whether you’re a „little good“ or a „little bad“ with him.
  • He is romantic, which means a committed relationship with him will be a happy one.
  • He has an ego. My advice: Praise and compliment a Cancer man at least four times more than you criticize him. It’s not only good for him, but it’s also good for your relationship!
  • Cancer men are among the most loyal you can find in the dating game, so make sure you don’t betray that trust. One slip may be all it takes to lose him forever.
  • He makes a great father. Children bring out the kid in him, so prepare for a lighter parenting style than usual if you decide to raise a family with him.
  • Sense of humor. His sense of humor can sometimes be dark at times. If you can, don’t criticize his sense of humor — simply ignoring it can be enough to make it go away.

But of course, don’t forget the more „general“ dating advice, either. You can check the zodiac charts to see just how compatible you are with a Cancer man, but ultimately the end goal is the same with ANY sign — and that’s to have a wonderful, happy, long-lasting relationship.

Much of being happy in a relationship is all about knowing how relationships work, knowing how his mind works, and knowing how to act, think, and feel when times get challenging. And that’s something I can help you with…

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Source by Evangeline K Harris

Trampoline Springs – Keep Your Trampoline in Good Condition

People from all over the world have enjoyed jumping on trampolines for many years. It has even become so popular that is has been made into a competitive event at the Olympics. Nowadays, trampolines are made of an aluminum framing with a special taut fabric attached to it using trampoline springs. This simple construction helps kids and adults of all ages defy gravity and enjoy bouncing high into the air.

Most trampolines can be separated into two main categories; recreational and competitive. Recreational ones are mainly used by the everyday family in their back yard. These are used for fun and sometimes a little workout. The competitive kinds are usually made to be bouncier, and are portable so they can be easily carried to events and competitions. The main differences between these two types are the quality of the fabric, and the tension of the springs.

The springs of the trampolines are the most important parts. Spring-based trampolines are usually more durable and provide more bounce compared to their elastic band counterparts. The stronger the springs and the more the tension there is the greater bounce you can get with it.

Most trampoline springs are created using a galvanized metal. This type of metal keeps the springs from getting rusty while outdoors. Zinc and steel are the most common metals used to make the springs.

Because the springs of your trampoline are the most important aspects, you should learn when it is a good time to replace them if you want to continue to have the best bouncing and safety. The more times you use your trampoline the more stress is placed on your springs. This causes them to wear out. Even though your springs are made of high quality galvanized wire, they will still stretch and get weak over time. You should always keep an eye on your trampoline and make sure that it is still in good condition before you use it.

To keep your springs working well for longer, cover up your trampoline while it’s not being used. This will help protect it from the sun, rain and snow, and keep it from getting rusty. Also, it is worth spraying the springs with some anti-rust products like WD40. If you do not take care of your springs now, they could end up snapping or breaking while someone is jumping away on the trampoline.

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Source by Diane Crawford

Critique Of Ira M Freeman’s Book: All About The Atom

Ira M. Freeman assists understanding (at the least, stirs curiosity) about the intelligence created in a single molecule and explains the atoms‘ propensity to selectively join or bond into mutually beneficial substrates. The author relates a most fundamental attempt to explain the Atom and its particles to those who might know least about the very start of life and recognizable phenomena. For those desiring an easy introduction into the substance and workability of atoms and about the intelligence created in a single molecule, this is the book for the curious, for both young and old, and for those with abiding interest in physics or metaphysics. Without the atom, even religion could not exist.

As we stretch hypothesis, so might atom intelligence stretch imagination to its utmost; in the grasp of speculation, we consider the possibility of intelligence for anything having predilection to improvement acting upon this compulsion, the elements can manifest change by either attraction, decision, or benefit intent. To gather some perception of size and substance in the free-wheeling, single atom, Freeman suggests, „… it would take about 3 million billion carbon atoms to create the period ink at this sentence end (when printed) – and this entire molecule complement, regardless its perceived state, is never still – continuously moved – never at rest – average speed about 1700 feet per second. A molecule in the air bumps into other molecules about five billion times a second.“

In a chemical and biological review of matter, Freeman explains how Atoms create energy and energy causes element atoms to behave in different ways. About 100 elements, give or take a few, have been discovered; importantly, each element is composed of its own peculiar atom construction, with specific proton, neutron, and electron components – plus even more elusive to define components. Regardless atom appearance, albeit in water, trees, humans, or copper wire, the atom comprises mostly space. Its nucleus constitutes only about 1/10000th total atom volume. Swinging around the atom’s outer circumference (energy shell [sic]) are electron orbitals (a quantum concept encompassing the potential track whole around each atom. We might also consider: an electron, speeding around the Hydrogen single proton core, weighs only 1/1836th as much as the core it orbits.

Freeman, rather simply, explains the appearance of perceivable atom masses. In our world, element atoms comprise all forms of solids, liquids, and gas (Iron becomes gas at 10000°). Mixtures of elements (matter) are called compounds. And, compound mixtures create energy! Light furnishes energy. Energy changes matter! Matter creates energy! E = mc2 proves in experiment and the following statement, in essence: the relativity theory adds something new; wherewith, matter can be changed into energy, and energy into matter. Electrons, by changing orbitals, directly or indirectly create every conceivable convenience, tool, or device from the quantum within and outside its proton or proton-neutron nuclei’s induced energy shell [sic].

How wonderful to simplify life itself! Without directing our propensity to evolve, we might still be chipping flint tools and arrowheads, striking sparks in the processes but never realizing the great potential in particles flying from abraded rocks; for these are energy particles-which might just as easily have fueled a human cell. An unwritten law governs atom combination into compounds, evolved to substrates, into advanced substrates, into super-substrates, on and on, and finally into ADP and ATP workhorses in cellular construction and maintenance. But this is advanced and not a part of Freeman’s simplistic presentation. We include cellular propensity merely to illustrate the atom’s importance to human welfare and development. Computer programs and memory, too, are only atom particles potential awaiting instigation. Absolutely amazing!

In Freeman’s simplistic account, he remarks how Man first learned to use fire, make tools, instill metaphysics, utilize the power of steam, and later electricity. Today he stands at the door of a new age – the Age of Atoms. The things to come we can only imagine.

In addition to this brief study on physics, you are invited to further study, into more physics, and into metaphysics, another fascinating study and as full of surprises as the physics world. Discover why ‚Ten Ages‘ are the least understood but the most important contribution to Bible eschatology. Physics and metaphysics are related, inasmuch as both investigate our relation to invisible worlds.

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Source by Bennie N Winter

Leadership – How to Develop As a Leader Through Experiences

Experiences alone do not add to or take away from the development process of a leader. What that leader does with the experiences determines how he benefits and develops from those experiences. Experiential learning theorists believe the most effective way to grow from experience is to use the Action-Observation-Reflection (A-O-R) Model. Growth from the A-O-R Model only occurs when one observes their actions and reflects on the consequences of those actions (Hughes, Ginnett, Curphy, 2012, p.47).

Another way leaders are developed from experience is through feedback. Obtaining constructive feedback is not necessarily an easy task. According to Hughes, Ginnett and Curphy, you have to convince others that they can approach you without fear of retaliation, and that you genuinely want their input (Hughes, Ginnett, Curphy, 2012, p.95). When choosing an appropriate method for getting feedback, you might consider the size of the group, the level of trust within the group, and the relationship between the manager and subordinates.

Leaders can also look for opportunities outside their comfort zones, what Hughes, Ginnett and Curphy call the 10-percent stretch. This is where leaders purposely volunteer for assignments they typically would not pursue. Three major benefits result from stretching: Fear of attempting new things decreases; you acquire new skills; and subordinates are inspired to see a leader willing to learn on-the-job. It shows humility and places value on effort and risk-taking (Hughes, Ginnett, Curphy, 2012, p.95).

When leaders recognize they can learn something from everyone, whether it be by asking questions or by simply observing how others handle particular situations, they open themselves to a reservoir of opportunities from which to learn. For instance, a person who has been doing a simple task for several years has probably learned some valuable shortcuts or mistakes to avoid.

Journaling from experiences can have tremendous value to leadership development. Reading journal entries can help view an experience objectively. Instead of looking at the experience as a participant, you are able to view things from the outside in, giving a totally different perspective. Journaling also enables you to go back and see how your thinking evolved to where it is today. If your thoughts took an illogical turn, you can see that turn in your journals. It also acts as a repository for your ideas and successes that may be valuable in your future (Hughes, Ginnett, Curphy, 2012, p.96).

Leadership development can actually begin in the role of follower. Leadership is influence, and followers can build influence among their peers by participating on committees and working with others on projects. These are equally excellent opportunities for building technical skills, such as budgeting and planning. Having positive influence among your peers and increasing technical competence, positions you in a favorable light with superiors, which can lead to promotion, especially since that positive influence can be galvanized by superiors for the benefit of the entire organization.

Developing leadership and technical skills must be an ongoing process, where the practitioner has knowledge of which development needs are most important to the achievement of their goals, and a plan for achieving those needs. This ongoing process is facilitated through development planning, which begins with a GAPS analysis, which identifies and prioritizes development needs. The second part of development planning is a six-step plan describing how you will arrive to your final destination (Hughes, Ginnett, Curphy, 2012, p.110,111).


Hughes, R.L., Ginnett, R.C., Curphy, G.J. (2012). Leadership enhancing the lessons of experience seventh edition. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. New York, NY.

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Source by Diana D Williams

What Do You Look for in Children’s Earrings?

What is it sensible to look for? Well, when we look for earrings for ourselves, we want comfort, safety and of course, to look good. And we want to really LOVE the earrings! Well, purchasing earrings for kids is much the same, but with a couple of extras to bear in mind, especially when we’re buying our kids their first few pairs of earrings for newly pierced ears. We’ve put together 6 points to guide you.

1. The earrings must first of all be made of a non toxic metal. Preferably sterling silver, stainless steel, or gold. Alloys we should be wary of, since we don’t know the components and could contain such toxic elements as cadmium, lead or nickel. These elements can cause serious health problems to children, especially very young children.

2. They must be petite so as not to overwhelm a tiny earlobe. Large earrings on little lobes, is not a good look! Also, the larger they are, the weightier they are and if they’re first-time-earring-wearers, the tinier the better.

3. They must be lightweight and comfortable. Especially for those first-time-earring-wearers, who might fiddle if they can feel them. If they can’t feel them, they will forget they’re wearing them, therefore they will not fiddle with them and lose them. Avoid little drop earrings for first-timers, because the movement will only serve to remind them of the earrings they’re wearing. Fiddling with them usually results in the backs coming off and the loss of an earring. And you don’t want to be buying new children’s earrings every week!

4. They must have a short rod, therefore made for children, not adults. However, adults can usually wear children’s earrings! Surprisingly, the thickness of ears doesn’t change much as we grow up. But if the rod is short, it’s not going to push against her head behind her ear, which is very important!

5. They must have firmly fitting backs or safety screw backs. The earrings we choose with love, are too good to lose!

6. And they must have an element that’s attractive to kids! Now this might be color, as in colorful stones or enameling, or shape, as in features like hearts, ladybugs, butterflies etc. Sparkle and shine is another feature very attractive to kids. A sparkly lead-free crystal or cz stone, especially in pink or other child-friendly color, or highly polished silver or gold, both features kids, especially little ones, really love.

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Source by Jennifer M Gregory

Psychic Readings – Can I Get Bad Luck From A Psychic Reading?

Why People Are Hesitant To Hear What Psychics Have To Say

Although readings are very popular, not everyone is open to the possibility of seeking psychic advice. The major reason of their hesitation to receive readings, is that they’re actually scared that they might get bad luck from the reading. But truth be told, you can never get bad luck from psychics. In fact, psychics can even help you turn your luck around!

Psychic Readings: It’s Not Always Good News

Yes, that’s right — psychics can even help you turn your luck around. Generally speaking, readings can give you a sneak peek of the future. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll always hear good news whenever you seek a psychic.

But then, even if a psychic brings bad news, it’s not the end of the world. Remember, readers aren’t written in stone; they’re simple just a prediction of the future. The outcome of the future can still be altered depending on what you do in the present time.

Psychic Readings And How They Help To Turn Your Luck Around

Even if you receive bad news during a reading session, you can still turn things to your favor. Because a readers can show you the future based on how things are today, you’ll be able to realize what you need to in order to alter the future (e.g. you can realize possible mistakes, what you need to change, or what you need to work on, for a better turn out of things in the future).

As you can see, it’s impossible to get bad luck from a readers. Yes, you might get bad news from a reading. However, this bad news is just a prediction, and you have the power to alter how things will turn out in the future.

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Source by Tana Hoy

What Makes a Manager a Bad Boss – Survey Results

Do you want to avoid becoming a bad boss? Do you fear that you may already be considered a bad boss? Just want to commiserate with other people who have bad bosses? Here are thoughts about what makes a bad boss, well – bad?

Survey Results from a readers survey conducted by Susan Heathfield regarding:

What makes a manager a Bad Boss

1. 37% reported: The Manager provides little direction.

2. 21% said The Manager micromanages or „nit-picks.“

3. 15% said, The manager belittles and puts down staff.

4. 12% said, Little or no recognition for success or hard work.

5. 8% said, The manager is indecisive and seemingly changes direction at whim.

Bad bosses, in order of their frequency in the survey, do the following.

Love brown nosers, tattletales, and relatives who report to them. They choose favorite employees and cover up and make excuses for the poor work of their incompetent favorites. They ignore selected people and discriminate against many employees.

Fail to communicate, and may not even have, expectations, timelines or goals. Bad bosses change their minds frequently leaving employees off-balance. Bad bosses change expectations and deadlines frequently.

Use disciplinary measures inappropriately when simple, positive communication would correct the problem. Bad bosses ignore employees until there is a problem, then pounce.

Speak loudly, rudely, one-sidedly to staff. Bad bosses don’t provide the air time for staff to respond to accusations and comments. They intimidate people and bully staff. They allow other employees to bully employees.

Take credit for the successes and positive accomplishments of employees. They are equally as quick to blame employees when something goes wrong.

Fail to provide rewards or recognition for positive employee performance.

Additional characteristics that were reported included the bad boss:

1. Is not qualified for the boss job by either skills or experience.

2. Will not let go of problems or mistakes. The bad boss returns to discuss negative events continually and searches for faults in employees.

3. Will not accept constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement. The bad boss can’t deal with disagreement from employees who have their own opinions about work related issues.

4. Lacks integrity, breaks promises, and is dishonest.

5. Does not have the courage to deal with a difficult situation despite knowing that it is the right thing to do.

6. Causes dissention among staff members by his or her actions and comments.

Comments also made the point that a lot of bad boss behavior is enabled, or at least allowed, by the boss’s bad boss.

Many managers have great technical: training, experience or skills, but have not been coached or mentored as managers. If you are looking for coaching or management development, please consider the Professional Management Coaching Program for manager skills training.

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Source by L. John Mason

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